In need of an “Unlimited Hard-Drive Works” right now. (RAMBLE TIME!)

Alright…Starting…NEXT weekend I will HOPEFULLY get back into the trend of downloading and watching anime. With the school year already started I can already feel my life being drained away by school and I just started Thursday. I’ll be taking “leadership” of my school’s Japanese Animation and Film club (otherwise known as Anime Club) even though I’m not much of a vivid follower of Japanese media, but the irony of it all is I’m the only (if not one of the very few) Asians in the club…don’t know where the irony is.

I’m currently just redownloading Code Geass (even though I just needed the last few picture books and the last episode special) along with Death Note (Live Action): The Last Name and the anime series. I watched up till around episode 12 back when it was still running, but my procrastination (and lack of free hard-drive space) got to me and I never ended up following through the series. I’m planning to now, so I hope that goes well…

I still have a numerous amount of series to finish. Series that are on my hard drive that I started, but never really got into (more like I just got lazy or couldn’t bring myself to watch) are…
Elfen Lied
Steel Angel Kurumi (all of them)
Girls Bravo 1 and 2
Excel Saga
Pumi Pumi Poemy
THIS ALONE is enough to keep me busy for a week or so. This does not include the numerous of CDs I have of backed-up series that I have not watched (this of course might not be true since my collection was slightly destroyed due to a mishap that happened…)

My current plan is to start catching up with the series running and what I mean by that is actually download them onto my PC instead of watching them via Crunchyroll. I’m also planning to buy more manga in the coming few months just so I have something to read…of course that isn’t much to say since I can easily finish the manga within an hour-ish fastest…assuming I don’t look at all the pretty pictures for more than a minute

I’ll also be keeping myself busy with various games. I’ll be playing the upcoming Bleach: Blade Battlers game which is the 2nd installment that is released for the PS2. I’ll also play Arcana Heart, which is a 2-D fighter thats suppose to be filled with moe. I’ll also be playing Naruto Shippuuden: Narutimatte Accel 2. The game will include Time-Skip Sasuke apparently and will be released in December 2007 according to various places. Looking forward to Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core also for the PSP.

With so many games to play (along with old games still needing to be finished) and various upcoming series (along with many that needs to be finished) I will probably not do so well in school. Although I will probably try SLIGHTLY harder than last year to keep my grades from dying, I can’t guarantee great scores…and even more can’t guarantee I’ll do so well in getting goals accomplished…like…finishing and catching up with my anime and games. Oh well we’ll see what happens…



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