Gekijouban: Shakugan no Shana

I FINALLY WATCHED IT!!! After waiting for a year I finally saw the Shakugan no Shana movie. I’m extremely happy that I did and I can’t begin to say how amazing it was.


Okay so here is what it is. The movie is a remake of the first arc with some changes. Changes I’ve noticed….
-Hirai interaction with Youshida
-Majery and Shana team up on Fraigne
-Alastor released and kills Fraigne
-Shana asks to use Youshida to repair the classroom instead of Ike

Thats most of it at least. The movie started out pretty fast and will hit you like a brick wall if you have never seen the Shana series, but at the same time it gives you enough information for those who have yet to see the series to understand it. Some scenes will be confusing, but others will make a lot more sense than what was shown in the series.

The movie start off with a Flame Haze (who doesn’t have a voice-actor by the way) attacking Fraigne…only to then get shot by the Hougu Trigger Happy…which pretty much breaks the container/person and they explode.

After that we jump right into where the series starts off. We see more of Hirai kind of and then we get Shana….yada yada yada. Its pretty much the same as the series after that.

Later on when Majery comes into town Yuji notices that the torches are pulsing like heart beats…this then brings us to Majery using an Unrestricted Spell that takes down torches and Shana and Yuji go to Majery where then Yuji is like “YOU CAN’T KILL TORCHES LIKE THAT!!!” Then he gets bitch slapped by Majery….Then Friagne comes and a party starts up wooh!!!

Fraigne fights Shana and Majery…takes Yuji hostage and tells them to meet him at night. Shana turns emo for a bit while Majery drinks like usual and then they go fight. The fight is changed a lot and is not really easy to describe since its so awesome….But in the end Shana gets shot by Trigger Happy which she then releases Alastor and everything goes up in flames.

THEN!!! we have a love-love scene with Shana and Yuji….This is where I don’t know if I should love Shana more or not. I mean….They slightly made her out of character….She seemed more….into Yuji than that of her in the anime. Since she was nude she would usually go crazy on Yuji, but in this…she was like….happy….and seemed like she just got laid….like….the typical romance laid after-effect kind of thing….I don’t know….I probably died either way from moe.

SO! Yeah with that the movie ends….Wooh….It was a great refresher for the upcoming second season. NOW I SHALL BE OFF!!!



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