Are Anime Series Starting to Lose Originality?

Okay for some reason or another I’ve been getting a sense that many series I’ve seen lacked originality. Now I’m not saying series borrow from each other, but more like…theres this lack of difference in either story, character or theme in general.

Now I won’t say I’m right and everyone else is wrong, I’m just giving my input on what I’ve seen, if you feel differently please feel free to say so.

Lets begin with a look more well-known series… Why not take Bleach and Naruto for example. Now being Shounen Jump-related I can tell this. Both share many similarities between each other, but lets look at series related to them outside of S.J. for a bit. Lets take Kiba for example (since I’ve just finished it). Now its not an exact parallel series, but it does share similarities.

Such examples being the protagonist is constantly looking to get stronger in order to protect those close to them. How about the protagonist going berserk and becomes insanely strong, but soon is able to control/fight that inner “demon” and break free? Thats just a small example.

Another one that I’ve noticed is in most H-games-to-Anime series…those slice of life series. Personally I love those kinds of series, but once again, originality is lacking. Lets take one my favorites, Da Capo, and compare it with something like . . . Kanon (which is also a fav’d series). Lets compare, we have the normal girl that is somehow really close to the protagonist male (child-hood friend, non-blood related sibling, etc). We have the female who is an animal of some sort (both Da Capo and Kanon had a female character that were a cat [correct on Kanon?]). We get another Child-Hood friend who has something done to them during the past (Kanon being Aya in coma and Da Capo’s Sakura being forever young). Now that doesn’t cover all the characters, but its about there. Although this is not completely true for ever series, there is some way or another where one can find a relation to a character from something else.

Lets take a look into the atmosphere/feel/theme of series now. Using Code Geass and Death Note (oh boy no one saw this I bet). Both of which are based around outsmarting the opponent. In this conflict we see the protagonist and antagonist both pushing back and forth and almost without a victor. Since Code Geass still has a second season coming up I can not say that the outcome of the series is similar to that of Death Note’s, but you can see a similarity.

Personally I just feel like I’ve seen too much of the same thing over and over again, and although thats not a bad thing, I’d wish to see some more originality. I must say though series such as Genshiken and Haruhi were quite original from my views, but there are probably more series out there that I’ve seen that are just as original, but I’ve failed to notice them.



One Response to “Are Anime Series Starting to Lose Originality?”

  1. Its always been that way, the fact is – and dont take this the wrong way, but its obvious you havnt seen all that much. Based both on what your saying here, as well as your anime list over on MAL its pretty obvious you just havnt noticed that just about every show is the same as another and …well, almost always has been.

    What my point with that is, is that its not “are anime series STARTING to lose originality?” its that they had little to begin with.

    Also your examples are pretty bad choices in two ways; 1. they are obvious shows that are MEANT to be the same, or 2. they arnt all that alike but you point out small things and say that makes them unoriginal. Saying something is unoriginal simply because it shares some points with another really isnt correct by any means, or accurate for that matter.

    And one last ‘also’, your saying things are unoriginal simply because they share the same ‘feel/theme’ – guess what, you cant just keep making those up forever. In actuality, every anime, manga, movie, tv show, etc from any country in the world has the same exact themes/feelings/atmospheres. That has no bearing on whether something is ‘original’ or not, because things like that are small in number, and thus within hell even only 10 shows you’d probably see the same theme/feeling/atmosphere in at least 2 to 4 of them.

    As for galge being made into anime being the same, im not following you. Da Capo is horrid crap, the story sucks, the characters are fail, etc. But even if you like it, you cant make any sort of claim that its story, characters, or the way it goes about making things happen are the same at all.

    And guess what makes something original? The way its done – not the feel/atmosphere/theme, but the way its laid out and portrayed, is what makes something original or not. This is because its the ONLY thing that one can truly be ‘original’ with. Stories, feelings, atmospheres, motives, themes, etc – they’ve all been done before, every single thing you can think of especially in the medium of anime. But the difference is how it occurs.

    Say with ef and Wind, hell both are even based on games from the same exact company – yet neither are alike at all. Both are bishoujo games, romance, and with fairly cheesy and done-before stories. Yet the delivery of ef is amazing and completely original.

    tl;dr – you’re wrong, but meh, not like i give a shit or like ill even remember posting this 20 minutes from now.

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