G Generation Spirits [First Impression]

I’ve been playing the latest game in the G Generation franchise titled Spirits. This game is the first (or so what I’ve heard) all-UC only game in the G Generation games. It goes from original Gundam all the way to Crossbone. I’d wish to see Gundam X series in it since it does deal with The One Year War (or ten years or so after it). I’ll break down what I think of the game after playing through it a bit.

Graphics: The game offers pretty great cutscenes along with the in-game battle animation. It is not as flashy as that of Super Robot Wars, but it is definitely up there. The scenery/battlefields are designed quite well and the sprites icon used are pretty good too. The menus look nice and just the overall game is designed well.

Sounds: The music is from their respected series, so nothing special there. Sound effects are the same as those used in the previous G Generation games, but it doesn’t get old. The one thing I really like is the classic sound FXs you’d hear in the series such as the Zaku eye turning on/lighting up and all.

Gameplay: The gameplay is quite simply to pick up in my opinion, but actually doing well is another. The game’s difficulty isn’t extremely hard nor is it easy. It will require some thinking on how you will organize your units and where to go, whereas SRW required the same idea, but not always if you had fully upgraded units. The upgrading system is slightly weird and you can always buy units that are not part of the series giving you a slightly/higher chance of winning the scenario. The “operator” menu is pretty easy to understand also even if you don’t understand Japanese. The game’s understandability is pretty easy and is probably a little more easier than SRW. The only parts that one may have trouble on are upgrading parts and attacks and all, but shouldn’t be too hard.

Overall: In the end this game is well worth the time to pick up and play. Highly recommended to those who like Gundam, like games such as Fire Emblem or SRW, or have a lot a free time on their hands.



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