Super Robot Wars A Portable

Alright. It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted anything…Okay maybe almost half a year to be exact, but I’ll try to actually do something with this place now…or end up saying I will just to keep myself happy. Anywho, I’ll do a quick rundown on Super Robot Wars A Portable for the Playstation Portable.

If anyone is familiar with any Super Robot Wars games, you won’t really need to read this part of the explanation. For those who are not, I’ll explain. Also before I forget, this deals with mechas if the title didn’t already give it away.

Super Robot Wars is a strategy (RPG?) game. The franchise itself is known for both having cross universe series coming together and having a storyline or Banpresto’s own original creation and story for their characters. The only SRW game that deals with Banpresto’s originals are Original Generations 1 and 2 for Gameboy Advance, Original Generations for Playstation 2 (port of the GBA version) or OGs (Original Generations) Gaiden which is also for PS2. Everything else is cross universe.

The game itself does a lot of things with balancing each unit to match their “type”. If anyone one remembers my post on Another Century’s Episode 3: The Final, I went slightly into the different types of units there are. I’ll just post what each type is here again, but in terms of SRW.

Real Types: These are your classic military-like units. They use “real” weapons such as machine guns or beam rifles and are not anything powerful in comparison to Supers (which I’ll get into later). Units here would be stuff from Gundam (though I want to say G Gundam might be an exception.) or Macross. They are usually quicker units, but lack in shield defense.

Super Types: These are your beat ’em up robots. The ones you would imagine in any children related robot series. The ones that would be around the city beating the crap out of others with their raw fist or using special powers or moves. They are the powerhouse units. Usually really strong defense and extremely powerful in strength, but usually they aren’t the fastest compared to the reals.

Hybrids: These are rare. The only known series I can think of that would be in here would be the Evas from Evangelion and possibly RahXephon. As the name states, these units use both real type weaponry and super weaponry. Example is Eva 01 (and all the other units actually) use bazookas, machine guns, blades/knives, but also since Evas are not exactly mechas and they have the AT field, which gives them a slight super feel to it.

Now with the explanation over, I will go through the review and thoughts on it. If I’m missing something, or didn’t explain everything correctly. Please let me know. Other than that, lets get going~

Graphics: Since this is a PSP port of the GBA version, I must say there is of course an improvement in graphics, but I can’t help but feel Banpresto (Bandai-Namco now rather) are reusing animations from their other PS2/PSP SRW games. It just felt like I was playing the PSP MX port all over again with a slight change in line-up, but nonetheless its still great. Yes its using sprites, but they do it in a way where it looks pretty good.

Sound: I don’t see anything that needs to be said about the sound. Its not crappy and the music and voice are fine. I’m not looking for anything amazing here cause to be honest, as long as it doesn’t sound like it was from the SNES ages, I’ll be fine.

Gameplay: Plays very standard to your normal SRW game. The “upgrade” screen is a little bit annoying since you can’t switch to upgrading your weapons/attack in the unit upgrade section (unless I suck and can’t find it). The game might be a little difficult for those who don’t understand Japanese and/or picking up an SRW game for the first time. I don’t know Japanese, but I manage from playing a lot of them and reading up and memorizing a lot of the spirits (spells). The game is suppose to be a strategy, but in theory one can just go in and kill off things right off the bat. More than likely missions will be: Don’t die, Protect unit/place marked(don’t let enemy get to it), Kill unit, Get unit down to whatever health. Pretty simply if you play around. Choices might be a little more difficult and may require some translation guide.

Overall the game is a solid port of the GBA version and is definitely worth picking up regardless of if you have played the GBA version or not. Once again, the game may be a little difficult at first, but its not hard to pick up on what does what and what you should do for the missions.



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