Super Robot Wars Z IS OUT! (Post of my excitement)

YES! That’s right everyone. The latest Strategy RPG favorite of mine is finally out. I have not yet had a chance to try it and I probably won’t be able to for awhile, but I shall do my best in order to do so by the end of the week.

There are many reasons why I’m excited for this release. Not only is it because I like the SRW games, but because this game just looks so freaking insane compared to the other ones. The battle animations look redone, they added more to the strategy portion of the game with tri-formations and all that. Not only that, but it also offers a lot of old mecha series that have almost never appeared in any other SRW game.

Though I am quite excited to play this as soon as possible, there is one thing that I’m depressed about. This game does not offer Evangelion nor does it offer any Code Geass. Now Evangelion has been pretty popular amoung the SRW games I’ve played and it’s sad to see such a great unit is gone. I was also hoping to see Knightmare Frames from Code Geass, but that will be weird considering there are space levels and Knightmares are pretty much stuck on land, with the exception of the Lancelot and later the Guren Nishiki and Vincents and everything else…

Even so, I have always been a fan of the SRW games due to the fact that it offers its own storyline interwined with the actual storyline from the series (although I have no idea what the hell the story is.), gameplay is quite simple to pick up, but also has a complexity which does require some skill and knowledge to beat a scenerio. Overall I shall give my first impression review soon.


OP Video


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