(This is a complete re-write from the original About/Info)

Originally this blog was created in order to get into the anime-blogging scene. It was quite hard considering I’m living in the US and most if not all the great bloggers are all the way in Singapore or something. That didn’t stop me though. I was inspired by various blogs to start one myself and little by little I tried to get into the habit of updating, but with anything I do, life took a toll on me and I slowed down on watching anime and games. This caused me to have a period of no updates to basically go inactive. It wasn’t till recently that I decided that I would get back into the blogging scene.

I can’t really say what people can expect in this blog, but I do hope people will enjoy it. I try to make each post as interesting as possible, but that seems to fail a lot. Anywho, topics that I will be covering will be anything from anime to games to manga to cons to personal life and spendings.

I hope you all enjoy your stay and for those who actually READ this, I’m thankful for your reading my small and crappy intro/info.



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