“I’m here to deliver bad luck.” (Black Cat review) *SPOILER WARNING!!!*

Finally got around to watching Black Cat and boy I must say…it was GetBackers all over again. I won’t go into detail for those who don’t know how GetBackers went. If you need to you can refer back to my post on GetBackers here.

———————————-SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!————————–

The story follows a character Train Heartnet who is part of an organization called Cronos. Now Cronos has elites (or I call them elites) called Numbers. Each person has a number assigned to them and are used as “Erasers” to purge the world of evil. We also meet characters such as Sven Vollfied(sp?) who was an IBI Agent, but became a sweeper. Sweepers are basically Bounty Hunters. They search out for people, but never kills them. This causes conflict when Sven is told about a girl named Eve who is a bio-chemical weapon. Train on the other hand is told to kill her. And this is where we begin the story-telling.

The anime starts off with Train Heartnet in a fierce fight with Creed, but I’ll explain the reason later. After it cuts to the opening (fast forward a bit). We now follow Heartnet (who is also called Black Cat or XIII [13].) We get a glance of Train’s skill as a Number and also bits of his past. We then cut to Sven, who is in town to capture a tyrant leader (leader was part of the mafia and all that before…also turns out the guy has a last name Tyrant). We also are introduced to Sven’s strange power of the “Vision Eye”. In one of his eyes (that is covered by an eye patch at pretty much all times) can see 5 minutes into the future of anyone he looks at. He sees Tyrant and his death. Sven tries to save Tyrant in order to collect the money, but Black Cat swiftly makes his way into the building and kills him without leaving a trace. Sven catches to Black Cat only to then have them be stopped by a guard. (Fast Forwarding a bit). Later on we meet up with Saya who befriends Train. Train goes through a lot of thinking after Saya teaching him the way of sweepers not killing people when its not needed. Black Cat is given the mission of killing Eve, a bio-chemical weapon that is able to transform due to nano-technology. Sven is told to save her. This causes a mess and nothing is done to Eve. Later on we again see both Sven and Black Cat trying to reach Eve. In the end Eve is saved and Black Cat, although could of killed Eve, decides to let her live and by doing so also leaves Cronos.

Going further we see Creed and his idea of trying to take down Cronos. With the help of Taoists, Creed tries to obtain Train, but he refuses. Saya is later than killed for being a “witch” in making Train lose his “good” self that Creed likes. This causes Train to go berserk and almost killing himself. He’s saved by Sven and together they become a team of sweepers. (also Eve is with Sven).

Further up we see that Creed has been developing a group called “The Apostle of the Stars” and with a group of Tao-enhanced people, he tries to “persuade” Train to join. Train refuses and still holding a grudge against Creed tries his best to find his whereabouts. When the first confrontation with Creed ends, Creed infuses Nano-tech with Tao magic into his body. 2nd confrontation with Creed, Train had the ability to kill him, but as a sweeper he does not. Creed is returned to normal and we learn that Cronos sided with the Taoist (which goes against everything Cronos is). Only a few of the Numbers remain part of Cronos. Eve is kidnapped and sent to Eden where the whole story turns to trying to save Eve. The story ends with Eve being safe with Sven and Train is gone and roaming the lands. The end.

This was a quick run-down of what pretty much happened. I would make it more winded and long, but I got lazy. So yeah thats about it…there were more characters, but the story really revolved around Sven, Eve and Creed.

——————————SPOILER ENDS HERE!!!———————————–

So overall…the series wasn’t bad. The ending was quite disappointing and I felt much more could of been done. Regardless it was worth my time and it was quite enjoyable.



2 Responses to ““I’m here to deliver bad luck.” (Black Cat review) *SPOILER WARNING!!!*”

  1. miss kuro sama Says:

    dieeeeeeee! kuro sama is mine :p

  2. Hey dude, Black cat sure is an excellent manga/anime, but does any1 knows how to say train’s phrase in japanese? “i’ve come to deliver bad luck”… i just cant understand how is it said lol 😀

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